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Assange, Wikileaks, Students, Cuts, Economy - AGGGHHH!

I’ve found little to inspire me in the news this week. Wikileaks and Assange, Students and Police battling, Economic gloom, Funding cuts. Oh the happiness of it all. I’ve pretty much switched off from the news in an attempt to find myself some festive spirit. It’s been a struggle to escape, but I’ve tried...

I’m totally fed up of hearing about the Assange thing. Despite my doubts about the whole affair, I feel uneasy at the glorification of any man remanded on a sex assault charge. The students? - I’m not sure which way to feel about the students and the police playing British Bulldog in the Capital. The economic situation? - The bank manager keeps me abreast of that all too well; I don’t need the news to remind me. Funding cuts? - With the ice and snow we’ve discovered we can manage without having the bins emptied. The front street may look like Beirut on a bad day, but we’ll live.

So the escape was planned.

I headed off into town to “get a few bits”; thinking the whole Christmas feeling of it all might envelop me. On the way, I saw the opportunity to help an old lady across the road. A chance to get a bit of feel-good running through me, I almost managed to help. I’d have loved to, but having seen the thanks the Police received when they tried to help that disabled man across the road in London recently, I gave it a miss. Did you see that? So many officers trying to help him too! Some people are never happy.

First port of call once I arrived in the town was the library. I went to borrow a copy of Lord Alan Sugar’s autobiography – At this point I should make it clear that I’m 40-something - So before you jump to any conclusions, it wasn’t me! Have you been in a library recently? What happened to all that “Shhh!” carry-on that I was so scared of as a child? People seemed to be openly communicating rather than the silent nod of years ago. Not able to come to terms with people actually trying to speak to me, I made my exit.

And just to be certain on that Lord Sugar thing – I left the library of my own free will, IT WASN'T ME.

“MAN RISKS LIFE FOR GOOSE” read the billboard outside the Mail office – thank God I live somewhere like Barrow and don’t have to suffer “TWO POLICEMEN ATTACKED WITH KNIFE”. This town takes its fair share of knocks from people, but I know which one I’d rather be reading. Around the corner, the contraption that looks like a riot shield around the Xmas tree on the shopping street is there to try and convince ourselves we are a Big Town, but deep down we know we are not.

I have to admit defeat – probably with it being a weekday, no Salvation Army band to get that festive feeling kick started. The boarded up shops had nothing to interest me, the ones in between didn’t inspire either. Maybe I’ve become too accustomed to Internet shopping. Search, Click, Delivered. You don’t even have to pay! (Note to Bank Manager – the penny may have just dropped).

But all of this queuing at tills nonsense, Aghhh! It’s just not for me. Then the young lad in Argos asked me if I was interested in signing up for an “Instant Credit” store card! (Second note to Bank Manager – this shop is next door to your bank, go and have a word!).

As usual my trip was rounded off when I got accosted by that bloke carrying the magazines shouting out something about “Bigger Shoes” – not a clue what that’s all about, his shoes look a bit old, but they seem to fit him fine.

So head back home, miserable, on the bus. (Final note to bank manager – have you seen the bus fares!!)

Merry Christmas Everyone.


By Darren McSweeney
Published: December 16, 2010


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Good luck Daz! Well done on getting so far.

Posted by Steve Howarth on 22 December 2010 at 16:44

Well done Darren in making it in Final 2...u deserved it my friend....Keep it up and we are all here for u...Congrats!!!!!!

Posted by Lyn Mac on 20 December 2010 at 21:34

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