Friday, 12 February 2016

Calls for Ofsted to make emergency inspection of Furness Academy

CALLS have been made for the education watchdog, Ofsted, to carry out an emergency inspection of Furness Academy.
Councillors from the Independent Group on Barrow Borough Council met Academy principal Douglas Blackledge at the Barrow school this week.
In a statement, Councillors Mike Stephenson, Jim Jefferson, Lisa Hammond and Tim Bell, said: “Although our meeting with Douglas Blackledge was very informative, and did allay some of our fears, we are still left with serious concerns about the Academy’s current performance and the quality of educational provision for the pupils over the next few years which will no doubt be challenging for everyone at the Academy.
“We would welcome an immediate emergency Ofsted inspection to reassure parents and the local community that the school is performing at its optimum level and, as the biggest school in the area, we feel it is crucial that any slip in results is not allowed to continue as the education of a generation of children depends on the Academy now, and not in how it is expected to perform in five years' time.”
The councillors said their meeting confirmed their belief that “the structure of the Academy is too top heavy and the important players in this scenario, the teachers, are being undervalued and in some cases marginalised.
They said: “Unless this is addressed urgently the immediate future looks bleak.”
In a statement, Mr Blackledge said: “We are disappointed with the press release that the councillors have issued.
“It is normal for any academy to have an Ofsted inspection in its second and third year and we are fully prepared for this inspection when this occurs.”

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A big thank you to the above councillors who are prepared to do something about the appalling situation that exists at FA. If only the Evening Mail would give the parents, pupils, teachers and local community the same exclusive opportunity to dominate the Evening Mail. THERE ARE ALWAYS TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY BUT UNFORTUNTAELY THE EVENING MAIL HAS TAKEN THE STANCE TO REPORT ONLY ONE. THE TRUTH IS OUT OF THERE.

Posted by mary on 3 October 2010 at 11:46

As a parent I am very concerned. Yes, I do think that the Academy has 'too many Chiefs and not enough Indians'. I am now actually wondering for whose benefit the Academy is being run! Yes, we do need discipline but there seems to be more emphasis on this than actual learning!
Under Mr Wilson's leadership Thorncliffe School became successful again. Probably because there was an atmosphere of mutual respect conducive to a happy learning environment. Also Mr Wilson did not distance himself from pupils as Mr Backledge seems to be doing.
Obviously Mr Wilson's leadership methods worked and I cannot understand why Mr Blackledge decided to change these instead of building on Mr Wilson's good work.

Posted by Joanne Parke on 3 October 2010 at 10:31

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