Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Progressive Jackpots at Littlewoods Bingo

Advertising feature. Players who are looking for a big win in the world of online bingo, casinos or general internet game playing will not have to look far this month, as Littlewoods Bingo are offering their players some spectacular jackpot cash prizes. The progressive jackpot prizes have been very high for some time now, and attention was brought to them at the beginning of this month, when it was pointed out how high they actually are. At the moment, the progressive jackpot cash prizes on Littlewoods Bingo are some of the highest that can be found anywhere on the internet. Progressive jackpots are found on slot machines, and as the term ‘progressive’ suggests they are building all the time, sometimes even rising in their amounts every few minutes or seconds.

Another good thing is that there can only be a good outcome: either they will get higher, meaning even more chance for players to win big money, or they will be snapped up by lucky players. The huge cash jackpots have to be won at some point, so there really is no better way for players to strike it lucky this spring. And the time to log on and take your chances is now, before the progressive jackpots are won by someone else.

The progressive jackpots that were available on Littlewoods Bingo at the beginning of March were the highest that they had been on the site for a number of months. The highest jackpot, which is likely to still be available for players to take their chances on, is found in the Bingo Café room. The Bingo Café room is one of the most popular rooms on the site for Littlewoods Bingo’s online fans, so log on now to be in with a chance of scooping its top prize.

If one thing is certain, it is that these progressive jackpot slots will not stay as high as this forever. At the moment the highest jackpot to be found on the site, in the Bingo Café room, stands at £43,000, which is clearly a huge amount for anyone to win in just a couple of minutes. Tickets start from just 10p per game, so there really is no reason not to log on and play.



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