Sunday, 14 February 2016

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I've just been making pancake's for all the family, some had strawberry's, some had nutella and some had cream but most of them had all three.

Did you have any i hear you ask ? Hell no is the resounding answer. Now before you ask did i flip them, yes i did and by the way yes i'm a TOSSER . Hee Hee lol.

Got a right old telling off... [more] (2 comments)

By Stuart Roberts
Published: February 21, 2012

Really is getting tough

Running round the park in a Tee shirt in this weather, WHATS THAT ALL ABOUT ?

Ann Marie decided it would be a great idea to take us both running round Barrow park on wed's tea time. It was freezing cold and boy did we both wish we had packed a tracksuit top. Dale was hilarious wheezing away as we jogged along,mind you it was really... [more] (2 comments)

By Stuart Roberts
Published: February 9, 2012


Awesome workout.

Went spinning last night, down the leisure centre, Ann Marie took the class. There was Dale, me and 12 from Furness Cavaliers Football club, what an absolute brilliant workout. I'll not lie it was bleeding hard work and i found it very hard going but we all got so much out of it. Ann Marie was fantastic getting us all... [more]

By Stuart Roberts
Published: February 2, 2012


Hungry, Hungry!!!!!!

Really finding it hard tonight, very hungry and could just order something nice from the keebab shop. Gym session's are getting harder and now they want us to do a spinning class.After watching them at it last night i'm really not relishing the fact that we've got to give it a try. But Dale and i will give it our... [more] (1 comment)

By Stuart Roberts
Published: January 26, 2012

week 3

Tough night at the gym last night.

Nobody said this was going to be easy, but i've got to say that if you can get the right mind set it does make a massive difference.The diet is going well Dale lost 2lb's and i managed a nother 4 so that's the first stone for me gone. We are both hoping to lose around 2lb's a week from here on and i... [more] (7 comments)

By Stuart Roberts
Published: January 24, 2012

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