Thursday, 11 February 2016

Tour the home of Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers

TELEVISION cooking star, Hairy Biker Dave Myers, is leaving Roa island to look for a house with a garden.
DEBORAH KERMODE checks out the house - and kitchen - he is leaving behind

ANYONE looking to buy Hairy Biker Dave Myers’ Roa Island house is bound to expect a kitchen fit for a star.

They won’t be disappointed – this kitchen is a star in its own right, appearing on BBC food programmes and in food and kitchen magazines.

Made to measure by a top designer, it’s made up of £13,500 worth of Miele components embellished with £1,300 push button coffee machine, £9,500 worth of marble worktops, an equally impressive solid oak baker’s table, three ovens, possibly the only Tepanyaki grill in Cumbria and a built-in four-part fridge which includes ice maker, freezer and racked wine cooler set in individual wall cupboards.

Then there’s the little touches: three oak trays, one for each member of the family, with their own designer storage unit; an extra sink fitted just for washing fruit, herbs and vegetables; under floor heating installed to accommodate Dave’s habit of cooking in bare feet.

The household at 22 Piel Street, Roa Island, Barrow, is made up of Dave, his partner Lili Orzac and daughter Iza, plus Snowy the dog who has his own mini-pad outside consisting of kennel, plant beds and patio garden.

Lili and Dave together planned the changes that led to installing a kitchen fit for a camera crew – but also flexible enough for off-camera get-togethers with friends.

They first built an extension into their roomy backyard to house a brand new dining room, then later knocked down three walls to make one big light and airy open plan lounge, kitchen and diner.

The comfortable and roomy lounge, heated by a wood burner in the old fireplace with a properly lined flue, houses a happily chatting crowd while Dave cooks away, joining in the conversation.

Lili said: “It really is the heart of the house. It’s so different, because I come from a basic kitchen. I cook when Dave’s away and I really feel spoilt.”

The makeover freed up a studio for Lili, where she designs and makes elegant one-off bridal and prom gowns, costumes and coats.

Daughter Iza is looked after too, with a lovely teenager’s bedroom complete with ensuite.

Two other bedrooms house, respectively, a massive rail of biking suits, all carefully scented to keep away the smell of well-used leather, and Dave and Lili’s massive medieval-style bed.

The bathroom has its own style too. The bath is on a plinth, set out with candles for luxurious bath times while huge cupboards house new boiler, washing machine, dryer and airing space. Needless to say the room is big, comfortable and warm.

Dave has a rambling kind of study downstairs but his favourite room (after the kitchen) is a huge garage out back.

He said: “I bought the house for the garage. It’s been great. We’ve had some fun with the bikes in there. It’s lovely having a space that size.

I used to keep a catamaran and a dinghy on wheels in there. It’s the best boating in the world down here.

“I came fishing here when I was a boy and always thought it would be nice to live on Roa Island. It’s a special place. It’s magic.”

Dave and his family are determined they are not moving out of the area.

Work and school commitments mean they need to move to be nearer a town centre, with easier access to school, shops and other businesses, but they are happy to stay on the peninsula.

They also want a bigger garden where Lili can grow fresh onions, tomatoes and other vegetables to enhance Dave’s cooking.

Dave has put 22 Piel Street on the market for £250,000, to keep the price below the stamp duty level. It’s being sold by Poole Townsend, Duke Street, Barrow, telephone 01229 811811.


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